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I recently read the book Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley. This book is one you should check out because it contains a lot of helpful tips about keeping your home and life organized as well as snippets of Emily’s personal story.  The book also explores the concept of God’s grace with us and our grace toward ourselves and others.  Thus the title Grace Not Perfection.  For me, the grace part was very powerful and taking the time to read.  

The book itself is a joy to explore. There are a number of beautiful pictures and quotes which I found inspirational.   I love color!  The pages themselves are thick and luscious, and a book made like this is the reason I personally enjoy reading a physical book as opposed to an ebook.  Not that you’re going to read a book due to the way it feels in your hand.  But it was an added bonus since I was interested in the book since I spotted it in a local store.  

Grace Not Perfection is broken down into three sections:

Part 1: Grace With Yourself

Part 2: Grace With Your People

Part 3: Grace in Your Calling

One of the topics Emily Ley talks about is the trap of perfection and comparing yourself to others who seem to have everything together when you feel like you’re falling apart.  I wasn’t a young mom when Pinterest came into being, so I never felt the internal pressure to have a Pinterest-perfect home like she talks about.  However, I did feel like I had to have a clean and uncluttered home if someone stopped by when my kids were little.  We lived on an Air Force base at the time and I still never achieved the clean and uncluttered home I thought I was supposed to have (and the military used to require if you lived in base housing!).

As a forty-something wife and working mother of two tweens, I wasn’t certain I would be able to relate to the content of this book since my babies are no longer babies.  Emily Ley is a young working mom who has struggled with being both mom and entrepreneur simultaneously.  She speaks to certain issues which arise when dealing with the demands of work and toddlers.  Honestly, I think dealing with work can be easier than dealing with the demands of toddlers!

Even with the age gap between the author and I, I was pleasantly surprised by the insights Emily Ley had to offer me! I really liked this book!  I especially liked Parts 2 & 3.

Emily is a person of faith, so be prepared to read about her journey with God and her insights about life from this perspective.  I loved her insights, but I know this turns some readers off.  Please know that she doesn’t beat you over the head with Christianity, so even if you don’t believe in God, there is something of value in this book for you as well.

If you’re ready to be encouraged, if you could use a few practical tips on dealing with organizing your home with small children, if you could stand to read examples of changing your perspective effectively and making it through life’s challenges, no matter what stage of life you’re in, this book is for you.  I highly encourage you to check it out at your local library or grab it on Amazon.  Happy reading!

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