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 Welcome!  I'm Coach Christine.

Since childhood, I've been the girl who has strangers come to me and tell me their problems.


I've was also the girl who ate her feelings instead of coping with them.  

August 9, 2016 I had a gastric bypass. 

September 2016, I developed a severe stricture that made me very sick and caused me to be hospitalized several times. 

I had 4 weekly upper endoscopies to slowly break apart the scar tissue that formed in my intestines. 

At home I was attached to a portable infusion machine 16 hours a day for one month post-op.

After 6 months my strength returned.

After 1 year my hair loss stopped.

After 18 months I lost 144 lbs.

And after 18 months I realized that my lifelong dream of weight-loss didn't make me happy.

I hope you'll follow my socials and join my email list to learn how I became happy and whole, what I've learned on the bariatric journey so far, and ways you can improve your chances at permanent weight loss while living a more fulfilling life. 

People usually show up on this page looking for my credentials.  Here they are:

*Bachelor's Degree in Psychology-1992

*Master's of Divinity-1998

*Master of Arts in Christian Education-1998

*Certified Life Coach-2014

*Accepted into a Certificate in Spiritual Direction program at a prestigious University-2014

This is where I tell you that nothing in that list of credentials truly matters.

A degree can't teach you wisdom.

A certification can't teach you experience.

A program can't teach you passion to help others.

What does matter is my ability to see life differently than the masses. 

What does matter is my ability to use my intuition, gifts, talents, people skills, and lifelong passion to help you learn what I've learned so you can live a fulfilling life. 


A life where you thrive, not just survive.

If that sounds interesting to you, take a look around my site.  Check out my socials.  Email me. 

Get on my email list.

I provide a variety of digital products and services to serve most budgets.  I'm building more resources

for you weekly. 


I always post exactly what you'll receive along with the up-front cost on the product page because I DESPISE having to give my email to find out pricing. 

If you ever have a question about a product or service, please email me at


This is your written invitation to join my mindset improvement Facebook group by clicking here.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Coach Christine

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