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Welcome to the Nudge Room! 
Home of the Bariatric Success
Mindset Membership!



Hey Bariatric Surgery Veteran! Do any of these describe you:

  • You thought weight-loss surgery would cause the weight to magically fall off

  • You thought surgery would be the last thing you'd have to do to lose weight

  • You're afraid of not losing weight

  • You're afraid you'll never reach your goal weight even if you've lost a lot of weight

  • You joined bariatric surgery Facebook groups but didn't like the judgment (can we say "Food Police?")

  • You followed the diet and exercise plan prescribed by your surgeon's team but you still aren't at your goal weight

  • You wonder if something is wrong with you because you can't lose all the weight you wanted to lose

  • You beat yourself up because you can't control your cravings or portions

  • You feel there's something missing in your bariatric surgeon's program (lack of ongoing support, lack of focus on the mental aspects of weight loss)

  • You understand that there's more to losing weight after surgery than solely focusing on macros, exercise, waiting 30 minutes between eating and drinking, and all the other PHYSICAL suggestions usually given in bariatric programs and Facebook groups 

  • You feel like a failure because you think surgery didn't work for you or that you messed up the process

  • You feel alone on your weight-loss surgery journey

  • You're ready to explore improving your mindset in order to finally reach your goal weight

  If you can relate to one or more of these,

The Nudge Room Membership

 can help you overcome what's keeping you

from achieving ALL of your goals

(not just weight loss)

and living your dreams! 

This isn't a course that piles more info on you.

It's an ongoing guided experience to help you

shift your mindset and provide accountability and support

so you can build momentum in your life

and achieve your goals.

 Here's what your membership includes:

      *Weekly Momentum Message video with transcript to help you focus on the week ahead

      *Weekly Accountability email to keep you moving toward your goals and stop hiding

        behind excuses

      *Monthly coaching prompts to challenge limiting beliefs & other lies your brain tells you
      *Private Facebook group to connect with other members, post your goals, what you'd like

        to accomplish each day or week, what you're struggling with and post your progress

      *Weekly goal-setting & accountability check in the Facebook group

      *Quarterly Momentum Mixer live via Zoom with games and prizes for FUN!!!

      *Direct Message (DM) access via Facebook to Coach Christine Monday-Friday for     

        questions & support.

      *We'll use the GAS method: Guidance, Accountability, and Support to create momentum

        for ALL your goals!

Guidance + Accountability + Support = SUCCESS


Monthly membership fee is $44


   Membership opens twice a year   

WHAT are you waiting for???

Fill out the form below to get updates on The

Nudge Room and when it opens next! 

And receive an occasional inbox goodie while you wait!  

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