The Nudge Room Monthly Membership


Move your needle from "Stuck" to "SUCCESS!"

 Hey there! Do any of these experiences describe you:
  • You feel overwhelmed thinking about where to start or go next in your business   

  • You bounce from idea to idea, never completing any of them

  • You procrastinate anytime you try to work on significant tasks that could propel you forward

  • Thinking about working on your business makes you anxious

  • You have Imposter Syndrome

  • You're afraid of success

  • You're afraid of failure

  • You wonder who would PAY MONEY to work with you

  • You stay busy, but aren't making the money you want

  • You have spent money and time on courses, webinars, masterclasses, coaching, certifications, degrees, or other tools but haven't implemented them in your business

  If you can relate to one or more of these, The Nudge   
  Room can help you overcome what's keeping you
  from achieving your goals and living your dreams!  


The Nudge Room membership is geared toward online entrepreneurs, coaches, & anyone who wants to do group coaching to help them with procrastination, overwhelm, anxiety, feeling stuck, fear of success, & anything else holding them back from achieving their goals.

 Here's what your membership includes:

     *Two 1-hour group coaching sessions each month to work on what's holding you back.

     *One 1-hour online group co-working session each week via Zoom. Each session starts with

       a 5-10 minute motivational session to get you into a productive mindset, then you work for

       50 minutes on whatever tasks you wish to work on with your camera on during the Zoom    


      *Direct Message (DM) access via Facebook to Coach Christine Monday-Friday for questions

       & support.

      *Secret Facebook group to connect with other members, post your goals, what you'd like to  

       accomplish each co-working session, what you're struggling with & post your progress

    Coaching + Accountability + Support =


 Monthly membership fee is $197


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